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Monday, March 13, 2017


I was elated due the reactions that followed after my post on the design of roof trusses (see it HERE). It was that particular publication that spurred up the idea and interest to undertake this project, and I am happy that it was a success after months of hard work. I make publications on my blog mainly out of passion,
and share it on these platforms so that;

(i) Senior and more experienced engineers can review and make inputs, thereby advancing knowledge, and
(ii) Students and younger engineers can learn, and remain motivated to breach frontiers in engineering for the benefit of mankind.

If you look at the 22 posts on, you can verify the originality of all contents I post. I normally do everything from scratch by myself (calculations, drawings, and even design problems and questions). I am a benefeciary of the grace of God, which was made possible by a sound Bachelors Degree Program in Nigeria, and my personal independent study. I never let a day pass by without reading and advancing my knowledge in one aspect or the other. I was actually trained to design with British Codes (BS 8110, BS 5950 etc), but I have personally switched to the Eurocodes, and efforts are currently underway to familiarise with American ACI codes, and Indian design code of practice. Engineering language is built on drawings and mathematical equations, therefore, boundaries and cultural differences should not prohibit the development and sharing of ideas. I have come across most of my colleagues never wanting to look at a design made with ACI code, because they are not familiar with it, and are not very comfortable with the US Customary Units. But, the idea is to change the concept, and I will be coming up with something soonest. I have a dream about the future of engineering in West Africa, and Structville is on the mission of positioning ourselves to champion the built environment, and incorporate people from all walks of life to partner with the success story. It will be a steady progress until victory is assured.

Currently, I have a dream of moving from blogspot to a  more flexible web hosting platform. The idea is to make a bigger website for each and everyone of us, where civil engineering knowledge can be advanced, plagiarism discouraged, original research encouraged, milestones celebrated, and interaction enhanced, irrespective of borders (at a free cost). I promise that more original analysis and design will come from that angle, and we will all be part of it.

The web designer has charged me a few hundred dollars which I currently cannot afford. That sounds awful but that is the current situation and I have to deal with it. I finished as the best graduating student in my class with 1st class honours (see below), and with sheer determination and dedication, I believe that the best is yet to come.


Currently I am out of job, and the prospect of having one right now is very welcome, and I am determined to give my best. So in order to raise some money for the website design and launching, I have placed this book for sale. It is not actually for sale per se, but based on the idea of helping to achieve the dreams I highlighted above, you can send any amount you can afford, and I will forward the book to your e-mail straight away. I am sure that the contents will delight you..... To view the full Table of Contents, click HERE.

Once the money is realised, I promise that before April runs out, the website will be up and running - the first of many greater things to come.

Furthermore, I have the dream of advancing my education by starting a Master's Degree by September. This will place me in a stronger leadership position to impact my environment. I have had offers from some UK universities, but most applications for scholarship have been met with 'regret e-mails', - if you know what that means. However, I believe that the solution will come.....

To contact me for the book, sponsorship, and/or partnership...
WhatsApp: +2347053638996
Facebook: Ubani Obinna Ranks
Google +: Ubani Obinna Ranks

You can like us on Facebook too;

Thank you, and God bless you.

Ubani Obinna

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